May 2024 Repair Café in Photos


Another Repair Café in the books means another batch of belongings kept out of the landfill and in use! Maintaining and fixing items may seem like low-hanging fruit in the grand scheme of waste reduction, but it can actually make a huge difference when we collectively shift our mindsets to one of repair and reuse over buy and toss. At this event alone, there were a total of 53 items brought in, from boots to belts to bikes, and even a beloved Eeyore onesie! Of those, 39 were repaired, 2 were sent home with DIY repair instructions, and only 12 were not repairable.

Thanks to The Gear Fix, we have some excellent photos to share from our May 2024 Repair Café. Check them out! And, be sure to put aside your broken items for our next event, which takes place on July 17 from 5:30-7:30pm at SCP Redmond Hotel! Learn more.