Embedding sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon


Connecting to the green business community helps you meet new prospects, get referrals, or find a new job or a new employee. Networking with other sustainability-minded people is a great way to stay informed, get new ideas or find support for the challenges you may face.

As green business owners or a sustainability-minded employee, we make a tremendous contribution to our local economy. By connecting with each other, we can get more impact from our green efforts. We can develop a path for Central Oregon’s sustainability and we can help others in our community find their way.

Green Drinks

Green Drinks is an international movement and is an enjoyable way to network, learn about local businesses and their sustainability efforts, and have an eco-conscious drink or two.

Become a Green Spot

Learn how to make your business a Green Spot in our community and promote your sustainably run, community conscious, and locally run businesses to consumers.