Embedding sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon


atwork_Commute_bike courier

The way you, your employees, and your co-workers get to and from work can have a large impact on your company’s sustainability efforts. When you support alternatives to driving alone, you save money and reduce traffic congestion and pollution. You boost your health and connect with others.

Consider these options for your commute:

  • Carpooling – When you share the ride, you save money and reduce stress.
  • Telework – You can avoid traffic altogether by working from home. And it helps improve productivity!
  • Compressed Work Weeks and Flextime – If you can’t change how you get to work, change when you work.
  • Public Transit – Use your commute time to catch up on reading or get a head start on your morning emails while someone else watches the road and gets you to work safely.
  • Bike or Walk – Getting to and from work under your own human power means better health and no pollution.

Visit Commute Options to learn more about incentive programs to assist you in reducing the impacts of driving alone.