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Get Involved

Volunteering for sustainability in Central OregonA common phrase heard locally is “Livin’ the Dream!”  We usually use it after we squeeze in some “pow” before work, go on an adventure without leaving town, bike to a favorite local place, or share a good beer with friends.  We like to be outside, we love where we live, and we feel sustained by community connections.

However you “live the dream,” we all need to pitch in to help make a sustainable Central Oregon.  Here are some ways you can get involved.

Show Up

Get details on local environmental events on our online calendar. We host many of our own events that educate, advocate and celebrate sustainability in our community and beyond. Our facility in downtown Bend also serves as a hub where many of our Member Groups host their own events open to the community. Find something that interests you, and show up!

Be In The Know

Our take on living the dream is Living The Green, our bi-weekly e-newsletter designed to keep you in the loop and empower you to get involved, get educated, give back, have fun and connect with all things green.  If you only sign up for one environmental e-newsletter in Central Oregon, Living The Green should be it!


Do you have some time and talent to share? There are lots of volunteer opportunities in Central Oregon. Volunteer with The Environmental Center, or one of our member group organizations.

Sustainability Jobs in Central Oregon

Looking for a job in the local sustainability sector? We post opportunities as we hear about them – mostly from member groups or other organizations we collaborate with. Check them out and spread the word!