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Energy Saving Resources from The Energy Challenge


The Energy Challenge is a program of The Environmental Center that was created to help Central Oregonians save energy and make their homes healthier and more comfortable. The Challenge assists Central Oregon residents realize their Energy Hero potential because being a superhero doesn’t take superhuman strength or a super fat wallet.

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Be Energy savvy and keep cool this summer while saving energy and money

An energy assessment will help you button up your home to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There’s no use letting that conditioned air leak out of your house once you’ve paid to get it cold or hot.

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Get pumped to keep up the good work and stay cool by installing a super-efficient ductless heat pump heating and cooling system! Ductless heat pumps can help you save energy and money on your summer cooling bills and winter heating bills. Especially with our extra-special discounts. On top of regular Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives of $800, you’ll get an extra bonus of $200. Restrictions do apply based on your current heating system so check out the Energy Trust of Oregon page for more details.

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Learn about your solar incentives and get a free solar assessment

It’s super easy to see if solar is a good fit for your home. By signing up for a solar assessment, we’ll put you in touch with a qualified local professional to get you started. Your contractor will:

  • Assess the solar potential of your home and determine if your home is a good fit for solar power
  • Help you determine which incentive route is the best fit for you (see overview/samples/estimates below)
  • Provide you with a bid with estimated annual energy production and utility bill savings
  • Help you apply for tax credits and incentives
  • Provide you with maintenance and warranty details
  • If you decide to go solar, acquire all permits, install your solar electric system, and coordinate all inspections

You can learn about the cash incentives and tax credits available for solar installations on the The Energy Challenge website.


Interested in making the switch to LEDS? For free?


Learn more about The Energy Challenge’s free LED program and get up to 16 FREE LEDS.