Buying a new appliance? There’s a cert for that.

Are you an Energy Star? 

Did you know that there are Energy Star certifications for more than 38 common household appliances? Well, now you know so the next time you are thinking about buying something new, make sure you are checking for those Energy Star  certifications. Take a look at the Energy Star appliances below to get more information and see which ones you can replace in your own home or visit the Energy Start website for more information.

Energy Star Appliance

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Keepin’ your cool when picking out your new fridge

Energy Star apliances.png

When choosing a refrigerator not all are created equally, or efficiently. This is one household appliance that can take up a big chunk of your home’s energy use. You can turn off or unplug most of your appliances to cut back on energy costs, but the refrigerator is a different story. In order to keep food cold, the refrigerator has to run constantly, which can really add to your monthly energy bill.

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