Buying in Bulk: What’s the deal?

In considering whether or not to buy in bulk, there are many pros – and there are also some challenges. (For the purposes of this posting, bulk is when you can get any amount of something you want. Pre-packaged items do not count.)


  1. Less packaging waste
    This is especially true if you bring your own container.
  2. Less food waste!
    By buying in bulk, you are able to buy only what you need.
  3. It can save you some money
    Buying heavily packaged products can mean that you are paying more for the packaging. That is, you are paying for something that you will throw away immediately.


  1. It’s not always the least expensive option.
    But you can still save money by buying less quantity and buying only what you need. If you do this, it is less likely for food to go bad, which is like throwing money away.
  2. It takes time to learn to remember your containers.
    Forming new habits takes time. And more than the mythical 21 days. While it would be nice to change yourself in 3 weeks, one study found it takes closer to 2 months. But you just have to start doing it and it will get easier every time!

So where can you buy bulk in Deschutes County? Zero-Waste extraordinaire Bea Johnson started a bulk finder website with a database of bulk sellers. There are quite a few in the area! If you know of one that isn’t on the site, you can add it. The biggest lack we noticed was beauty and animal products. Does anyone know a place in the county that sells bulk laundry detergent, for example? Market of Choice does have liquid Castille soap (Dr. Bronners) on tap!

Before you go….Get your clean, dry containers ready! Don’t forget to make sure they are labeled with the tare weight. You can also re-use plastic bags and mesh produce bags.


Below is a list of stores we know carry bulk. I didn’t include any breweries, but buying your beer in a growler definitely counts as buying in bulk! No, our list isn’t long, but we do have some great options here:

Central Oregon Locavore (1841 NE 3rd St, Bend)

Notables: Teas! Locavore also puts a deposit on your egg carton. They have deposits for some of their cream and milk as well.

Country Store (57100 Beaver Dr, Sunriver)

Food for Less (63455 N highway 97, Bend)

Notables: Maple syrup! Balsamic vinegar, liquid aminos, soy sauce. Good spice section.

Fred Meyer (61535 South Highway 97, Bend and 944 SW Veterans Way, Redmond)

Hawthorne Healing Arts (39 NW Louisiana Ave, Bend)

Market of Choice (115 NW Sisemore St, Bend)

Notables: In addition to many types of dry goods including grains, candies, fruits and nuts, Market of Choice has honey, nut butters, oils, cider vinegar, spices, teas, soy sauce, and vanilla extract! Plus, they are the only store we know of that sells bulk liquid soap (Dr. Bronners). Coffee!

Melvin’s (160 S Fir St, Sisters)

Notables: nuts, beans, grains, coffee

Navidi’s Olive Oil and Vinegars (120 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend)

Notables: An amazing array of oils and vinegars. BONUS: bottom of the barrel oils that is too small a volume to sell or a little bit old gets taken to a local soapmaker who turns it into bar soap that’s sold in the shop! You can bring your own bottle as long as it is CLEAN and DRY. Plus, it must be a size they sell. That is, either 200 mL or 375 mL bottles that are clearly labeled as such.

Safeway (All 3 locations in Bend and the 1 in Redmond)

Notables: coffee!

Whole Foods (2610 NE Hwy 20, Bend)

Notables: Bulk bar soap, liquid dairy with deposit bottles

Any place we’re missing?