Embedding sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon

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At The Environmental Center, we hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • A healthy environment is essential for life to thrive on our home, planet earth.
  • We humans need to change how we live, work, play and learn to ensure that healthy environment, for ourselves and the rest of creation.

Our mission is to embed sustainable thinking and behavior into daily life in Central Oregon.

For us, sustainability is about people, the planet and prosperity for all. We seek to build a society that meets human needs equitably, lives within our planet’s ecological limits, and build a prosperous economy for all.

Achieving sustainability is no small task. So much needs to be done to tackle the big problems of our day—like climate change and the loss of biodiversity—problems rooted in individual daily choices and the systems and policies that influence them.  It can seem overwhelming.

But that does not stop us. We cannot do it, but we can be part of the solution.

So we choose to start making a difference right here, in our local community, in the place we call home. Today.

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